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Repairing Natural Stone

We provide the ideal solution to any damage to your natural stone building features*.

Speedy remedial work

Damage to natural stone is not only disturbing to the eye, in public buildings and areas it may also be a safety risk. Outdoors, weather conditions may demand that repairs are undertaken speedily simply to prevent any damage from spreading. 

No problem for us. We are not dependent on delivery times. In most cases we are able to remedy the problem in a single visit. While providing top-quality work.

True colours

It is often very difficult to find a replacement for a defective building feature that provides a perfect colour match. This is not a matter of special colours or designs – it is often not possible just to find a suitable replacement.

No problem for us.  We are able to recondition the stone so that it  looks like new. With the help of our repair kits, we are able to mix every colour. We can even reproduce design elements (marbling) to match the original.

Naturally, our colours are all non-fading and UV resistant. This ensures that repairs remain inconspicuous even after several years.

 No disruptions

We carry out our repairs during normal office hours – even in 5-star hotels. No disruptions due to noise.  No dirt. No loss of service. Your business runs as smoothly as usual.

Cost saving

As well as all the other benefits you can enjoy, our repairs are significantly more economical than replacing damaged features.

Keeping it clean

You can also trust us to clean and maintain your natural stone. >>Maintenance


If you would like to receive more information or want to request an offer please use our >>contact  form.





*Floorspace, floor coverings, staircases, counters, fireplaces, washstands, window sills, kitchen and working boards, and so on, all of natural stone. Tiles, marble, granite, tears, corners, edges, surfaces, interiors, exteriors, bathrooms, kitchens.



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