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 washstands of natural stone

Stairway of natural- stone

Welcome to Gerdau Natural Stone

Our specialisms: 

  • Repairing damaged natural stone building features 

  • Cleaning and maintaining soiled natural stone

  • Rejuvenating matt natural stone surfaces


Save costs.

When it comes to damaged stone, there is now a viable alternative to cheap, makeshift patchwork or extravagant and expensive replacement. >>Repair

Preserve values.

Natural stone is not only functional, it is often used to set design highlights. Damaged or soiled stone can downgrade the representative effects of the design. We ensure that your design values are well preserved. 
 >> Maintenance

Stress free.

Our professional working methods allow you to continue your business operations without any hindrance. This is just one reason why top 5-star hotels call on our services so often. Guests can enjoy the comforts of the hotel without being disturbed in the slightest by repair work. No noise, no dirt!  >>Method 

About us

Top-quality building materials such as natural stone can enhance the intrinsic value of buildings, provided they are well looked after. Damage to natural stone and building features of marble, granite and so on are likely to produce the opposite effect. Previous repair techniques did not always deliver satisfactory results. They were either expensive and overstated or easy on the pocket and inferior.

This is when we thought that there had to be a better approach. Since then, we have been dedicating ourselves intensely to developing repair techniques for natural stone. Today, we are proud to offer you the results of our efforts – a repair system that has been tried and tested with assured success. In most cases the damage is no longer visible.

 For interior and exterior features. Personal – Speedy – High quality – Durable





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