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Stains in Natural stone

Caring for Natural Stone

Natural stone is not only valued because of its weather-proof properties. It is an object of beauty in itself and is primarily used to provide a design highlight. Natural stone is particularly effective in or on representative buildings with high-volume public traffic. If not looked after, however, the effect can be quite the opposite to what is intended.

Attractive longer!

The care and maintenance we provide ensures that your natural stone retains or regains its beauty for much longer. We have a range of specialist cleaning and caring products to meet the demands of the various uses and properties of the stone.   

Keeping it clean!

We give the stone a thorough cleaning which not only removes general ingrained dirty, but also stains from foods, fatty substances and even red wine, for example. For more deeply ingrained dirt we have special cleansing materials to remove stains caused by leaves, petals, grass, tea, cigarettes, calcium, urine, etc. “Call us today, we’ll take the dirt away!”


We even have the means to remove large-area problems such as coatings, lime stains and calcium deposits on stone edges. We also do a good job of removing graffiti. 

Protection with a Lotus Effect 

Using a special heat treatment, we can impregnate your natural stone with a highly effective long-term protective sealant. This makes it much easier to remove any dirt and stains that might appear in future. This transparent impregnation permeates the stone to a depth of up to 5 mm without having any effect on the visual appearance of the surface. This provides excellent protection against graffiti. On top of this, we only use food grade impregnation. 
























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