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Kitchens - work-plate
damaged bar
Method of Working

No disruptions

We don’t make noise, nor generate dust! As well as providing top quality work, this fact makes us a welcome partner in the hotel and gastronomy business. We can even carry out our work in top-class 5-star hotels without causing disruption to public traffic during daily business. To carry out our work, we just need an area of roughly one single square metre (providing the damage does not exceed this size), which is usually sufficient enough not to disrupt your daily business. 

Speedy repairs

Normally, repairs can be wound up in just a single visit. Given the nature of our work, we do not order material and wait for them to be delivered. Nevertheless, we guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the high quality of our results - we don’t replace damaged elements, we restore them to look like new.


Given the nature of our work we have gained the respect of local tradespeople. Because we are able to offer such a speedy service in repairing top-quality building features, we have often been called upon as the ‘helper in an hour of need’, helping not only to meet deadlines but also to limit the spread of damage – especially if this has been caused by careless transport, workmanship or assembly.



Of course, it is not always possible to carry out our work during normal business operations. Our extreme flexibility also extends to our working times. If the need arises, we’ll also work through the night!







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